DC Film Slate

At Comic-Con in Brazil, a DC film slate was announced, although rather informally. There were no dates given for the release of these movies and there were also some notable absences of certain movies.

Right now, we know for sure that Wonder Woman II is coming, as well as, Aquaman, Flashpoint, Suicide Squad 2, Shazam, Batgirl, Green Lantern Corps, The Batman, and Justice League Dark. 

However, there were a few that were not mentioned. Deathstroke, Gotham City Sirens, Harley Quinn, The Joker vs. Harley Quinn, Nightwing, Joker movie, and Justice League 2. Of course, the rumor mill started buzzing, but we think it’s just that these movies are still in the early stages.

Little surprised to see Justice League Dark on the list. Surprised but happy.

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