Top Five Movies we are excited for in 2018

I hope everyone had a nice winter break, but it’s time for SeppinRek to speed back up into things. Specifically, we want to talk about 2018 and the future of the comic book industry. The first top five we will be publishing is our top five movies we are super excited for this year. For your information, this list was incredibly difficult to piece together because there are a ton of great movies planned to be released this year. If you have a differing opinion, then you should post that in the comments below.



5. Ready Player One

Image result for Ready Player One

Ready Player One is Steven Spielberg’s newest cinematic masterpiece that involves the virtual world and the next generation of video games. Written by Ernest Cline, Ready Player One is a cult hit that takes place in the year 2044. Wade Watts is a nobody that ventures in the Oasis, a VR system.

We don’t have too much to say other than the fact that this looks incredible and that the little cameos and easter eggs of some of our favorite characters make us glad to have this movie be made.


4. Black Panther

Image result for Black Panther

Seppin really wanted Black Panther to be number one on this list, but we have to admit that there are some pretty big competitors for this year. Black Panther takes Chadwick Boseman’s mysterious T’Challa from Captain America Civil War and gives him his own film. The trailers have been very epic and have a grittier tone that we weren’t expecting from Marvel, but is more than welcome. Overall we are super excited to see this film that comes out in a month!

He’s Black Panther!


3. Deadpool 2

Image result for Deadpool 2

There are numerous things that we could say about this movie. It’s going to be the best comedy of the year. It’s going to be the best action film of the year. Without a doubt, Ryan Reynold’s best performance came from Deadpool, so it’s only logical that the merc with a mouth’s sequel will blow out the box office.

FOX recently moved its release date to a week before SOLO: A Star Wars Story and three weeks after Avengers Infinity War. It is a bold statement that they are trying to make placing the movie here. However, if any mutant has the potential to beat out Disney at the box office, its Deadpool.


2. Aquaman

Image result for Aquaman 2018

It comes to no surprise that Aquaman is on our list because Jason Momoa is a really cool dude and his Aquaman might be one the most interesting heroes we’ve had on-screen. It appears to have the political effects similar to Black Panther and the Brotherly conflict similar to Thor and Loki.



1. Avengers Infinity War

Image result for Avengers Infinity War


Was there any doubt?

Avengers: Infinity War is going to be epic and we will be there for the first showing and probably a few other times the weekend it comes out.


Honorable Mention


C’mon…it’s got Tom Hardy in it. You know we’re pretty excited for Venom to be on the big screen. Let’s hope they do the character justice.

In Tom Hardy we trust.

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