Stargirl season 2 Trailer!

Wow! We have been waiting a long time for this one. The first trailer for Stargirl season 2 has finally come out and it is hyping up its new characters. Before I talk about them, watch the trailer listed below.

Alright, so this season seems to be promising more of the building of a new Justice Society and how Courtney is going to be juggling her real life with her superhero identity. And there seems to be a large focus on the new and old characters coming into the fold. Jade, Alan Scotts daughter, appears in the trailer. This is exciting because she could be yet another new member to this modern Justice Society along with Jakeem Thunder who we get a quick glimpse at with his genie having fun.

Then there are the new villains. The shade is not major villain but his presence is interesting. Perhaps we could see some of his darker influence rub off on some of the members like Hourman or Wild Cat. Sadly, we barely see any of Cindy Burman or her new found friend, Eclipso. We know that they are in the season and are going to be playing major roles, so we are excited to discover what they are hiding in the future of the show.

The show is coming back August 10th on the CW at 9pm EST.

What did you think?


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