This Cancelled Power Rangers game sounded Morphinominal!

Alright, I have talked about several cancelled Batman and Superman games, but this one is different. This one is a real shame. There was a time where work was being done for a AAA Power Rangers game titled “Project Nomad”.

I wanted to report on this dead game because there are many canceled games that we don’t get to see. This is another cancelled project, like Rocksteady’s Superman game, that had a lot of potential behind it.

Jason Bischoff on twitter is the one that revealed this and you can look at several of the images and concept art in his original thread below:

So, what would this game had been like?

Well, Bischoff said that it was an open world cooperative experience with a fighting system similar to the Arkham games. He described it as, “It was like Gotham Knights five years before Gotham Knights.”

This sounds right up my alley. If you love the Arkham style (Or Spider-man PS4) of combat and beating on a ton of enemies to grow your combo with different attacks was your thing, then this was a game for you. Now, just imagine the size of Arkham Knight’s map with around three other players teaming up with you. Think of Destiny where you can play with a team and do raids together, but as Power Rangers!

Well, what about the story?

It was in very early stages, but we know that most of the game would have taken place on the planet of Eltar. Any Power Ranger fan should know that Eltar is Zordon’s home world. His home planet would have been conquered by the United Alliance of Evil. Together, rangers from across all of space would have to band together to try and free the planet!

This is perfect and would have been a great way to mix and match different rangers and form several teams of unlikely allies.

Plus there is this awesome concept art that has an alien style that I really like. I am also glad that the suits are still recognizable though because the recent movie’s more alien suits proved to be a little too drastic of a change.

Overall, I would have loved to have seen this game be a reality. Sadly, the project never moved forward. It is rumored that it didn’t because Saban, the owner of Power Rangers, said no to the project. Haim Saban is in a way the greatest villain to power rangers. Always cancelling really cool projects and making decisions that don’t always work.

Perhaps someday we will see a Power Rangers game of this scale release. I know that I will definitely grab a copy day one, if they do.

What do you think? Are you disappointed that you never got to see this game?


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