Gotham Knights Sends out DC FanDome Poster

Hey everyone! After DC recent teaser trailer for their upcoming live fan event, DC FanDome, Warner Bros. Interactive sent out a mysterious new poster in anticipation of their next game, Gotham Knights. The Batfamily video game was first announced at the first DC FanDome event (Here), so it makes sense that we’ll hear more details on the gameplay and story during 2021’s panel.

Check out the poster below!

Gotham Knights, Court of Owls, Video Games, Warner Bros Montreal, Warner Bros Interactive

The Court of Owls! It makes sense that after the death of Batman, the court would make its move on controlling the streets of Gotham. Yet, the Batfamily will stop them! Thrilled to hear more about this game and see some new gameplay!

So, are you excited for DC FanDome 2021? What do you want to see from the Gotham Knights panel? Let us know in the comments below!

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