Marvel’s What If New Clip-Zombies

Hey everyone! MSR is on duty today at SeppinRek. Seppin and Rek are out of the office today. I heard a rumor they were raiding the used book store for comics. I’m quite sure their wallets will be lighter when they are finished.

Mark Ruffalo took to social media to share a clip from this week’s episode of What If…?, which introduces the Marvel Zombies. The scene centers on a confrontation between Bruce Banner (Ruffalo) and members of the Black Order. Iron Man shows up to assist, but things seemingly goes awry. This episode is based on a series of miniseries originated by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. Marvel Zombies opens a window into a world in the Marvel multiverse where the heroes and villains of the MCU were turned into flesh-eating monsters…but with intelligence and super powers.

Check out the clip below

So, what does everyone think about What if? Are you excited for the new epsiode?


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