Aquaman: King of Atlantis Animated Trailer

Hey everyone! HBO Max just came out with a first official trailer for an upcoming new DC animated film highlighting the adventures of the Protector of the Deep. Aquaman: King of Atlantis is set to be an animated trilogy premiering first on HBO Max and using a unique and kid friendly art style that is also being produced by director James Wan himself.

Check out the trailer below!

It’s the undersea adventure of a lifetime! The fate of Aquaman’s people, his home, and the entire world is in the hands (trident?) of the new king of Atlantis. With monstrous creatures, devious foes, and epic battles, get ready for this super-powered special event.

Streaming October 14th, tune in to HBO Max to watch the King of the Seven Seas in a colorful and animated format!

So, what are your thoughts on more Aquaman animated films? Do you enjoy this new art style? Let us know your thoughts on Aquaman’s new film in the comments below!

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