EVERY Star Wars: Visions Episode Ranked!

Hey everyone, today I finished watching every episode for Star Wars: Visions, the new anime anthology that takes place in a galaxy far far away.

In all seriousness, I really like what Disney did here. I love that they got so many Japanese production studios to work on episodes and had them create “one-off” stories set within the grander star wars galaxy. It made each episode really unique and worth the watch. It also reminded me of the origins of Star Wars. It was a combination of westerns and samurai films and the Japanese aspect really shines through in the art style. We get the epic showdowns and the wacky characters that only Star Wars could carry.

Overall, I really enjoyed the bold step that they took with creating this show. Now, I only wish that we could see where some of these episodes go…

Yes. Sadly, many of these episodes end off on a cliffhanger that makes you wishing to see more of the story. As of this post, Disney has not renewed the series for a second season or declared any spin-offs.

If they do not continue some of these stories, it would be a shame. There are storylines and characters that I really want to know more about!

Hopefully something will come out of this show because, although it is great on its own, it would be a waste to not jump on these storylines.

Now, let’s rank them from worst to best. These are just my own opinions. If you have a differing list, be sure to write it in the comments below.

Episode 3: Twins

Star Wars: Visions season 1, episode 3 recap - "The Twins"

This was the episode that I was the most excited for and it just kept letting me down. I love the idea of these twins, but they come off too basic in the episode, their emotional connection is not there. For two siblings that have grown up together and been through everything together, this battle is lackluster and the sudden turn away from the plan is not explained well. On top of that, I feel like they broke a lot of rules in Star Wars this episode. Can someone explain how they are fighting in space with no helmets?

It just felt lackluster.

Episode 9: Akakiri

TV Review - "Star Wars: Visions" Episode 9 - "Akakiri" Wraps Up the  Animated Series with a Haunting Sacrifice - LaughingPlace.com

Some interesting Sith magic here, and I like the romance. However the story is too rushed and stays too long on the goofy guide characters than the main characters. Plus, that dark side turn was way too fast and made a depressing ending to the whole series.

Episode 6: T0-B1

TV Review - "Star Wars: Visions" Episode 6 - "T0-B1" Focuses On a Droid Who  Wants to Become a Jedi - LaughingPlace.com

I freaking love the art style and animation in this episode. It is beautiful and very smooth…

However, it doesn’t feel like Star Wars. It just does not give me any Star Wars energy. This could be because of the content or the setting both being pretty standalone.

But it looked great!

Episode 8: Lop & Ocho

Watch Star Wars: Visions: Season 1 Episode 8 Full Episode Online Free |  PeraMovies.Club

The furry episode?

I’m kidding, sort of. However, I liked this episode because it is exactly what the Twins episode should have been!

It showed two siblings, who aren’t linked by blood, coming into conflict by the end with a very emotional battle for which one is truly following the families values.

Honestly, a great episode!

Episode 2: Tatooine Rhapsody

TV Review - "Star Wars: Visions" Episode 2 - "Tatooine Rhapsody" Brings  Rock Music to the Desert Planet - LaughingPlace.com

Am I placing this episode too high?

No, because this episode is fun and uniquely Star Wars. I love that this episode is all about a band within the galaxy. This is so original for the franchise because we are usually talking about war or smugglers. Instead we get to see a group of misfits that want to be the greatest band in the whole galaxy!

This is so fun and such a refreshing story for Star Wars. I need more of these characters.

My only issue with this episode is the child wearing Boba Fett’s armor (He looks like a baby in this art style).

Episode 7: The Elder

Watch 'Star Wars: Visions' Season 1 Online for Free - TheHDRoom

A creepy Sith or dark Jedi will always rank highly for me. He is such a terrifying villain and the showdown that we see is really well done. I like the interaction between the master and apprentice within this episode. They could honestly get their own high republic spin-off.

This just has great force magic in it as well as a distorted view of the dark side that I found very enjoyable.

Episode 1: The Duel

Star Wars: Visions' Review: The Franchise's Best Title in a Decade |  IndieWire

The first episode was really strong. Again, I love the Japanese setting and influence. I also love the dark sider in this episode as well as our force-wielding protagonist that is neither Sith nor Jedi.

The action is incredible and has that epic quality that every Star Wars duel contains.

This is just another great episode.

Episode 4: The Village Bride

Star Wars: Visions episode 4: "The Village Bride" ending explained

Okay, I really wanted to place this episode at number one after watching it. The village bride, for a Star Wars story, isn’t new. It is about a group of smugglers that find a batch of battle droids and try to control a planet or village with it. We’ve seen it all over the galaxy at this rate.

However, the main characters are really compelling. I am super interested in the masked Jedi that had a loss of faith, but decides to return down the Jedi path. In the credits she is only known as F, but I would love to explore her character more in comics or with a series. I love her mysterious backstory and everything that we know about her so far. I also like her teacher within this episode. He is your standard relaxed and go-with-the-flow kind of anime master, but he fits really well within Star Wars.

Disney, you need to capitalize on this one. I need to know more because they are so interesting by the end of the episode.

She is even voiced by Karen Fukuhara in the dub! Get her for her own live action series on Disney+. She could hold her own!

Episode 5: The Ninth Jedi

Star Wars Visions: The Star-Studded Cast For The English Dub

Now, I was going to place number 4 at the top of the list, but then I watched the fifth episode…

Wow, this is incredible Star Wars. I love the idea of someone rebuilding the Jedi council after the war. It has a King Arthur and knights of the round table vibe that would mesh really well with the Jedi mythology.

I even like the idea of this lightsaber blacksmith character, even though it goes against what we know in cannon.

And then there is that amazing twist at the end. They do a great job making you believe that the story is going to go one way, but then take it in the opposite direction. I literally spoke out, “Oh shit,” when I saw all the lightsabers ignite. It is a great moment and the battle afterward was really good too!

Overall I love this episode and if one of these episodes were to go off into a proper anime series, I would want this one to continue. The concept is so well done and they leave it on a perfect way to move forward.

What did you think about this show?



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