Peacemaker First Look

Peacemaker, HBO Max

WarnerBros. has released a teaser for Peacemaker at its press event for HBOMAX. It was announced also that the streaming service would be available in Europe later this month which is great news for our friends across the pond.

Let’s see what John Cena’s been up to!

James Gunn is directing the Peacemaker series, which picks up at a hospital following the events of The Suicide Squad. Christopher “Peacemaker” Smith (Cena) wakes up only to be told by an orderly that there is no superhero known as the Peacemaker. Jennifer Holland returns as her Suicide Squad character, Emilia Harcourt, with Robert Patrick as Peacemaker’s disapproving father.

Peacemaker will premier on HBOMAX in January and we’re excited to see more of the self-proclaimed ‘America’s best (or worst) Patriot’.


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