Gotham Knights Teases Bruce Wayne’s Death in New Image!

Hey everyone! With DC’s major online fan event right around the corner, DC FanDome, fans have been receiving a handful of teasers and posters to hype upcoming DC projects. Today, WB Games Montreal sent out a brand new image of Gotham Knights in anticipation for their appearance at DC FanDome! Last year’s DC FanDome showcased the game’s first look, which you can check out here!

Check it out below!

Bruce Wayne is dead, the manor’s collapsed! As you can see, the Gotham Gazette article was written by Vicki Vale, just one of the many possible hints hidden in the newspaper. There is a bartender and personal security listed with hints to the Iceberg Lounge. So, Penguin will no doubt make an appearance in the game! Pamela’s Cafe, an add for veterinary assistants, engineers wanted at Wayne Enterprises.

Super excited to see the Court of Owls story adapted into this video game and see more gameplay at DC FanDome!

So, what do you think of this new image? Are you excited for Gotham Knights? Let us know in the comments below!

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