Our Top Five Comics to Read on Halloween

Hey everyone! Today is October 31st, and with tonight being Hallow’s Eve we at SeppinRek thought it would be a fun idea to make a Top 5 list for our favorite comics to read on Halloween! Of course, this list is OUR ranking of comics we like to read to get into the spooky spirit and we welcome you to write in your favorite scary tales to read in the comments below.

Check it out below!

The Sandman?

Author Neil Gaiman’s Vertigo comic series, The Sandman, is a spectacular comic that, although isn’t necessarily Halloween focused, does posses this level of atmosphere in the writing and the art that explores a mysterious world filled with dark secrets. The stories are excellent to read on a rainy October evening and Gaiman’s writing constructs this tone perfect for the spooky season!



Rek is a pretty big Hellboy fan, so of course Mike Mignola’s supernatural comic was going to make it on this list. Hellboy and the BPRD’s adventure into the paranormal is always paired perfectly with horrific artwork that draws upon these grotesque creatures from human myths. Each short story is better than the last and definitely a must read for the 31st!

The Walking Dead

Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman’s Image Comics’ series is the definitive go-to book for the Halloween spirit. Rotting, walking corpses and the insanity it brings to mankind help create an apocalyptic fictional world that fans love. If you are looking for a frightening zombie-filled comic or are looking for more after the AMC show’s final season, you a hundred percent need to give the comic a shot!

The Long Halloween

Jeph Loeb’s writing and Tim Sale’s art helped create one of the most favorited Batman graphic novels of all time. A noir mystery set in the early years of the Batman that revolves around various holidays and reintroduces new designs for the villains that Batman readers love! Again, the atmosphere set in Sale’s art and the tone of Loeb’s writing creates a wonderful DC story to read on Halloween!


Scott Snyder’s Image graphic novel. If you want to know why DC picked Snyder up for Batman, then you should read this story. It is creepy and the perfect haunting story for this All Hallow’s Eve. Jock’s art also adds to the terror and reminds you of the old horror comics from back in the day while also being disturbing.

So, what are your favorite comics to read on Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next time…



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