Secret Invasion Still Teases Nick Fury

Hey everyone! Today is Disney’s big day, the online event celebrating many of Disney Plus’s future projects and Marvel Studios delivered their fans a behind the scenes look at Disney Plus’s Secret Invasion series that will focus on Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury making an effort to defend the world from a Skrull invasion. Since his character will play such an important part in the series, the teased image reunites Nick Fury with the MCU after Infinity War.

Check out the image below!

The eye patch is gone, Nick Fury has put on some years, and he’s looking to protect his planet from an intergalactic threat. The Skrulls were previously seen in Captain Marvel and will return to the MCU with more menace.

Of course, they are going to have to go through Samuel Jackson first!

Anyways, are your excited for Secret Invasion? Don’t you think it’s about time Jackson’s Nick Fury got a spinoff? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next time…



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