Amazon Nears Deal for Mass Effect Series

Hey everyone! Yesterday, Deadline released a short news article detailing the possibility of Amazon’s streaming service acquiring the rights to adapt a series based on the Mass Effect video game franchise. After the success of Amazon’s adaptation of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time fantasy novels, supposedly Amazon is looking to explore other genre adaptations, like the upcoming Lord of the Rings series. One of the adaptations they were looking into is Bioware’s RPG video game series, Mass Effect.

Mass Effect, N7, N7 Day, Bioware

Now, Rek is a huge fan of the Mass Effect series and was at first excited at the concept of further exploring the video game world in an original series. However, there is a danger when it comes to video game adaptations. Especially with RPG games like Mass Effect.

The Mass Effect series is built on choices. Besides the Paragon and Renegade choices, there is also the choice of companions and the decisions made to progress the story. With this said, each player has a different experience because of these choices.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition's Release Date May Have Leaked

If the series is only set in the world and not looking to replicate the games’ story, then it might make it more manageable. However, it would be difficult to decide on what is the definitive story, let alone definitive Commander Shepherd, for the original series.

I hope it will be a good series, but video game adaptations can be extremely tricky when you are removing that level of choice for the viewers.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on a Mass Effect series? How would you handle the adaptation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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