DC Developing a Wonder Twins Film?

Hey everyone! After the exciting events of Superbowl LVI and some of the amazing trailers and TV spots we received, a new tidbit of news came out late yesterday that has most fans… well, take it as you will.

Check it out below!

Revealed yesterday by THR, Warner Bros. has confirmed that they are working on an upcoming HBO Max film that will highlight The Wonder Twins. Set to write, Adam Sztykiel previously worked on the script for this year’s Black Adam movie.

Wonder Twins GIFs | Tenor

The Wonder Twins. Zan and Jayna are aliens who come to Earth and one has the power to transform into any animal and the other has the ability become any state of water. They also have a blue monkey named Gleek.

Did I mention that they first appeared in Hanna Barbara’s Super Friends?

We could understand if this was being made into an animated film like DC is doing with the Metal Men. But a live action Wonder Twins?

Who Asked GIFs | Tenor

Yeah… I mean. I guess we’ll just have to wait an see!

So, what are your thoughts on DC making a Wonder Twins film? Out of every character DC has, would your first pick be the Wonder Twins? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next time…



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