Silver Shadow & The Lost Elf Are Live!

Hey everyone! We are proud to say that our two new books are out on Amazon Kindle and are ready for purchase. MSR has put a lot of thought and effort into the creation of our two newest characters for SeppinRek. Their a great start to a whole new side of our world that we... Continue Reading →

Sneak Peek At Our Two New Books

Hey everyone! For those who are fans of our published short novels, we've got some exciting news for you! We're proud to say that MSR has finished, not just one but, two amazing books under the SeppinRek logo. Silver Shadow and The Lost Elf will both be up for purchase next week, so keep an... Continue Reading →

Darq II Released

Hey everyone! Rek's awesome sequel to Darq is out now and Alex is dealing with a whole new foe! Check out the description below. Alex Pearson is more than a vigilante, he’s a Savior. After working with a team of other heroes, Darq has returned to Brooklyn to deal out justice to the criminal underworld.... Continue Reading →

SeppinRek Upcoming Books

We would like to take a moment and say thank you to our readers. We have been swamped as of late with writing papers and plowing through college. Juggling both has been tough, but we are extremely excited to announce some of our upcoming books and plans for the second phase of our comic book... Continue Reading →

SeppinRek’s Saviors

What were we doing all summer? Well, we were working on our first team-up book. Not only was the book a labor of love between Seppin, Rek and MSR, but it's the first time our group of characters that we've introduced worked together. Saviors has been released and we hope you love it as much... Continue Reading →

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