New Justice League Posters and Synopsis

Hey everyone! It's been quite some time since Seppin and Rek have been tasked with blogwork, but we thought it necessary to send out a post on the upcoming release of Zack Snyder's Justice League which we are all super excited to see on HBO Max! Zack Snyder recently sent out new posters with a... Continue Reading →

New Justice League Teaser

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay, Seppin and Rek are working on upgrading the blog and it is taking longer than we had anticipated. Still, today was a great day for DC fans as Zack Snyder sent out a new teaser trailer for his version of Justice League. Check it out below! Hallelujah! Set... Continue Reading →

HBO Max Orders 3 Shows From J.J. Abrams

Hey everyone! Hope everybody is surviving the quarantine alright. We've got some really good new to share today, so buckle up! HBO Max Orders 3 New Shows Confirmed by Hollywood Reporter, Warnermedia has ordered three shows to the upcoming new streaming service, HBO Max. The shows detailed are Duster, a series in the 1970's about... Continue Reading →

Seppin Reviews: Justice League 29

Welcome back! Today we will be reviewing Justice League #29 which is written by Scott Snyder and has art by Bruno Redondo.   ~~Review~~   Scott Snyder's Justice League run has been a very fun ride with a few outliers like any other book. I really enjoy how he has written this battle between Justice... Continue Reading →

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