SeppinRek Update (Reviews, Books, and More!)

Hey Everyone, It's Seppin bringing you a desperately needed update for SeppinRek. It's about time for a small update to tell you guys what's going on and what is happening. First, we should pull out the excuse list for why I haven't been posting. This will take a while, so you should probably skip below... Continue Reading →

Seppin Reviews Action Comics #1000

Hey everyone, It's Seppin here to review the biggest milestone in Superman's entire career. It's probably DC's greatest milestone as well because Action Comics has hit issue #1000. And with this amazing achievement, us fans get an 80-page special¬†with tons of writers taking on the character to honor his history. Names like Tom King, Scott... Continue Reading →

SeppinRek reviews Black Panther!

Hey everyone! In light of our incredible return to the blog, we have also started the youtube channel back up to focus more on comics and movies and are hereby canceling all gameplay that was previously going up there. And what would be the best way to start? Why a review of the most recent... Continue Reading →

Important SeppinRek Update

Hey everyone, we are hoping that you are all having a happy holidays and are enjoying all of the news and movies that are coming out this time of the year. But today we need some help. Seppin and Rek are planning on streaming more often, (Maybe twice or three times a week), and we... Continue Reading →

Scrubscast Today!

It's Wednesday and we are doing yet another Scrubscast. This week we'll talk about what's going on in the news, E3, and we have a few special guests. Also, I am going to head up a trivia game which will pit Rek & The Scrub against MSR and our little sister Lulu. Stream starts at... Continue Reading →

Scrubscast Today!

We are going to be streaming our Scrubscast today and we have a special guest! Yes, Mama SeppinRek will be joining us, so you can either watch us live on Twitch¬†at 2:00pm or check out the video on our YouTube channel shortly after the podcast is over. See you there!   ~Seppin ~Rek    

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