New Dune Official Trailer!

Yes! We have been waiting almost a year for a full blown trailer for this movie. We are huge Dune fans and we are so excited to see this film. So many parts appear to be pulled straight from the book and that excites us. We think that the amazing cast fits so well with... Continue Reading →

Warner Bros. Reveals New HBO Max Projects

Hey everyone! After the recent reveal of Warner Brothers' new streaming service, some of their original content was announced ahead of Comic-Con. A few of them sound pretty exciting and we're happy to see a few big names involved in them. Check them out below! "Dune: The Sisterhood," an adaptation of Brian Herbert and Kevin... Continue Reading →

New Flash Director and Writer

Hey everyone! It seems the roller-coaster that is the Flash movie continues with another director change. Ugh... I just wish that WB would get moving with this film already. I know they want to get it just right, but their sitting on The Flash is annoying us fans. Still, It's said that Andy Muschietti is... Continue Reading →

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