Boba Fett Movie Moving Forward

Hey everyone! We got some fantastic news yesterday concerning the long-awaited Boba Fett movie. It has been confirmed that Logan director, James Mangold, is going to write and direct the film. Perfect, right? Tell us what you guys think about this Boba Fett film in the comments below. Until next time... ~Rek ~Seppin

New Legion Trailer is insane!

Seppin was a huge fan of the first season of the Xmen spinoff, Legion. It's a psychedelic adventure featuring some of the craziest mutant powers we've ever seen. This new trailer gives us more into the surprising finale and is leading us to this fantastic season. Watch it here:   What did you think?   ~Seppin... Continue Reading →

X-23 Movie?!

Is there a chance we might actually get X-23 on the big screen? According to Logan director James Mangold, it is entirely possible. The director confirmed that Daphne Keen's amazing take on the character has prompted the studio to seriously consider a solo movie and it is right now in the beginning stages. It seems... Continue Reading →

Logan Home Release Date

It has just been announced that Logan will be released digitally on May 16, 2017, the same day as the black and white Noir release and it will be available to own on Blu-ray May 23, 2017. You may want to think about picking up a copy because retailers are going all out for the... Continue Reading →

Logan Opening Credit Deadpool Scene

To say that we were shocked when Deadpool popped up onscreen in front of Logan is an understatement. How on earth did they do this without anyone knowing? We rushed home to see it again, but there was only a few pirated versions of it online, but have no fear because our favorite Merc with... Continue Reading →

Logan Has Massive First Weekend

We don't want to talk too much about Logan since we will have our video review up shortly, but we will say one! Not surprisingly, since this movie is awesome, Logan had a huge opening weekend. About $85.3 million domestically and over $237 million worldwide. Marvel released a nice thank you video montage and... Continue Reading →

First Logan Clip

The first clip for Logan has been released and in it we see Wolverine and Eriq La Salle's character as they face down a couple of redneck bullies. On a quick sidenote: Eriq La Salle is best known for his work on the hit t.v. show ER, but does anyone else remember him from the... Continue Reading →

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