REVIEW: The New Teen Titans Vol. 1

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I, Rek, have done a comic review and I thought, since it's 80s week, that I would express my love for this era of comics with one of my favorite runs of all time. If you couldn't read the title, it is of course Marv Wolfman and George... Continue Reading →

Doom Patrol Spin Off and More

Hey everyone! Rek was super excited to hear yesterday that the DC Universe streaming service is going to do a Doom Patrol show! That's awesome! For those of you who are unaware who the Doom Patrol are, DC released a quick synopsis explaining what the show will be about. Doom Patrol is a re-imagining of... Continue Reading →

New Justice League Image

A brand new Justice League photo has been released! This still features Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg preparing for battle on what looks to be a spaceship. The ship almost looks Kryptonian, but we think it might be a Parademon transport, and they are heading into to kick a little alien ass. Might we hope... Continue Reading →

The Flash Movie Update

Rick Famuyiwa has shared an update on the status of Warner Bros' big-screen take on The Flash, and hinted that the scarlet speedster won't be fighting crime alone in his solo movie. Famuyiwa tweeted an image of the latest draft of the movie's screenplay Monday, which has been revised by the Dope director from its... Continue Reading →

Justice League News

There was an immense amount of information revealed yesterday regarding the Justice League movie. It took us most of the day to really go over everything and also get a better sense of understanding what was announced. The general consensus by the journalists and critics that were invited was that this movie was going to... Continue Reading →

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