Top Five Moments from the Justice League Trailer

This weekend we were treated to a new sneak peek at the Justice League movie! The over four-minute trailer offered us many new images and also went into a bit more as far as story content. Let’s go over our top five moments that we personally took away from it.


5. Wonder Woman Stopping a bank robbery.


The beginning starts out with our favorite Amazonian kicking ass and being a hero. It was just cool to see a superhero stopping a heist in her ordinary everyday life. No the world is coming to an end fight scene, just an average day for our girl.

4. Cyborg

JL-comic-con-trailer-screencaps-102 JL-comic-con-trailer-screencaps-106

Finally! We finally catch of glimpse of Cyborg being Cyborg! This is classic. Hacking into the Bat computer on the Nightcrawler and informing Alfred that he’s got this, to which Alfred replies, “Do I know you?”


3.No Protectors. No Lanterns. No Kryptonians.

Come on! You know when you heard  “No Lanterns,” your first thought was Hal!

Okay, so what does this mean. We think that there are no Earthing Green Lanterns at this time. Could the early rumors of Abin Sur showing up be real? Let’s say Abin Sur catches wind of what’s going on and decides to head to earth to offer help. He gets injured and his ring, of course, floats away…looking for Hal…like Seppin.It also means we will most likely get some sort of origin in the movie Green Lantern Corps.

2.The Flash

JL-comic-con-trailer-screencaps-98 justice-league-movie-image-70

“Oh wow. Did they just vanish?” “That’s rude.”

“I’ve never been in battle. I just push people and run away.”

Ezra Miller’s Flash moments continue to amuse and impress us.


justice-league-movie-image-71 justice-league-movie-image-72

“He said you would come.”

So, there has been a lot of speculation about who Alfred is talking too. In some images, you can clearly see the hint of a red cape in the bottom right hand corner. We believe, 99.9%, that this is Superman. The whole trailer really was about Superman and Alfred’s little cheeky nod to saying the word “Hope” was obviously a clue.


Honorable Mentions

justice-league-movie-image-22 justice-league-movie-image-20

Steppenwolf and the boom tube!



Aquaman being awesome!

Zack Snyder for giving us this…

justice-league-movie-image-15 justice-league-movie-image-56

Iconic Batman.




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