Ezra Miller Discusses The Flash in JL, Affleck on Batfleck, and Henry Cavill on Black Superman Suit

We love Ezra Miller and we can't wait to see him in Justice League. The team was all together this past weekend in London doing press and Ezra had some interesting things to say about his character, who we now know is not referred to as The Flash in the movie. Check out what he... Continue Reading →

Gal Gadot Talks Justice league

Gal Gadot is hitting the press junket rounds for her new movie 'Keeping up with the Joneses'¬†and she discussed her time filming the Justice League movie. "They're all different and great, you know working with such a big cast and having so many different personalities on set every day, it was super interesting. They're lovely... Continue Reading →

Wonder Woman News

We are now less than a year away from the release of Wonder Woman and we fully expect to see a trailer of some kind, whether it be a short tease, or full length at SDCC next week. Speaking of Comic Con, a press release by Warner Bros. about the upcoming panel on the film... Continue Reading →

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