The Joker Teaser Trailer is OUT!

Hey everyone! The teaser trailer for Todd Phillips' Joker is out now! Check it out below. It looks absolutely insane! Joaquin Phoenix is going to rock the roll for sure and the movie looks disturbingly brilliant. This is one of those trailers SeppinRek may need to do a shot-by-shot analysis since there was so... Continue Reading →

Joker’s First Poster Revealed

Hey everyone! A shocking first poster was released today by Todd Phillips for his upcoming Joker movie. It offers us our first real look, not including the set photos, at Joaquin Phoenix's Joker. Check it out below. Pretty sick right?! I think I can speak for all of SeppinRek in saying that we're excited and... Continue Reading →

Recent DC News

Hey everyone! There's been a drought of news after Comic Con... until now! Matt Reeves has opened up some news on The Batman movie. He announced that they wanted to get the script done in the next couple weeks. Then, he said that they will, hopefully, start filming by the summer of 2019.  Lastly, Reeves... Continue Reading →

Stand Alone Joker Movie News

The DCEU or as it will be now, the DC Films Universe is starting to evolve and we are finally getting a sense of where it may be heading. Instead of having all the movies connected, DC is taking a completely different approach and making stand alone movies. Now, some people are already hating on... Continue Reading →

The Joker Movie News

We just got word about a Joker standalone movie a month ago and now it appears the script is finished. Todd Philips' who is writing and directing the movie is apparently almost ready to hand in his first draft and there is already speculation that shooting could begin next year. What little we know is... Continue Reading →

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