Stand Alone Joker Movie News

The DCEU or as it will be now, the DC Films Universe is starting to evolve and we are finally getting a sense of where it may be heading. Instead of having all the movies connected, DC is taking a completely different approach and making stand alone movies. Now, some people are already hating on this, but we like the idea of non-connected movies. You don’t need three of four characters to appear in one movie, nor do you need to watch a whole marathon of movies to get ready and refresh yourself for the next. This new take on doing, maybe Elsworld stories is very intriguing and we are kind of loving the idea.

That being said we heard last week that the script for the stand alone Joker movie was finished and Geoff Johns came out and added a few (very few hints)  that the title of the label will be revealed “soon-ish” so something is clearly in the works as far as title and banner. We also think we will be getting more info on the future line-up soon.

We can also report that a the final Justice League trailer may be debuting on NYCC this week so you know we’ll have that right up when it is released.







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