The Shazam Family reveals New Suits!

Another suit reveal! Wow, let's check it out! Director David Sandberg tweeted out a full look at the Shazam Family's new suits for the sequel today! Wow, they all look great, we love the new designs with the gold and the colors that pop out. To be honest, we think that Shazam is the... Continue Reading →

New Shots of Shazam and Aquaman

Hey everyone! Empire magazine released a few new looks at both Aquaman and Shazam. Spoiler: One of them might have Doctor Sivana in it. Check them out below! That looks awesome! Pretty sure that's King Atlan... What do you guys think of the images? Excited? Tell us in the comments below. Until next time...  ... Continue Reading →

Shazam’s Suit Up Close

Hey everyone! A lot has been coming out on Shazam lately and it is insane. We've received a few short videos from veiwing bystanders and a couple up close shots of his suit. One of these images gets a great look at the symbol on his chest, the cap, and the suit in general. Check... Continue Reading →

We have a Billy Batson!

Billy Batson has now been cast in the upcoming Shazam movie! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Asher Angel is now signed on to play the younger orphan who can turn into a powerful adult superhero by muttering... Angel is the star of the Andi Mack show on Disney and one of our little sister's favorite... Continue Reading →

Mark Strong-Shazam

Mark Strong is in talks to play a key role in Shazam... Yup...every single time. According to The Wrap, Mark Strong is in talks to play¬†Doctor Sivana.¬†In the comics, Doctor Thaddeus Bodog Sivana was introduced as a mad scientist-type villain who went on to become Shazam's arch nemesis. The more recent New 52 incarnation of... Continue Reading →

Shazam Casting!

It's just impossible not to shout, either in our head, or while we are typing the word Shazam.   Alright, we had to get that out of the way... We got a Shazam, folks! Actor Zachary Levi will play the overpowered kid trapped in an adult body as he calls his powers. This is a... Continue Reading →

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