New Marvel & DC Release Dates

Hey everyone! Just wanted to update everyone on the new release dates for the scheduled projects from Marvel and DC. It sucks what’s going on for the film industry and hopefully we’ll all get back to theaters soon.

Shazam Teaser

So, we got a teaser/ t.v spot for Shazam which debuted during the AFC Championship game. We have heard that we’re getting a trailer this week and we will post it as soon as it comes out. In the meantime, check it out!  

Shazam Teaser!

  Shazam!!!! We got the awesome new teaser here! Okay, that’s not it, BUT how awesome would that scene be? Check out the real one below!  

Shazam Teaser Trailer

Hey everyone! David Sandberg had a surprise for everyone today when he released the teaser trailer for Shazam on Twitter. It’s something alright. Check it out below. I'm just going to leave this here… ⚡️ — David F. Sandberg (@ponysmasher) April 1, 2018 April Fools! Hope you guys enjoyed the faux trailer and have…