Watch this to Prepare for Titans Season 3!

Hey everyone! With DC's Titans third season appearing on HBO Max on August 12th, the production set up a video for those who may not have had the time to watch the first two seasons. It's a great way to catch up with the new season right around the corner, so give it a watch!... Continue Reading →

Starfire Casting

Have we been the only ones impatiently waiting for Titan's casting news? A few weeks ago, we found out that Raven had been cast and now we finally have another announcement. Anna Diop is going to be Starfire in the new DC streaming service television show!   According to the character’s official description, Starfire is... Continue Reading →

Titans TV Series Update

DC Entertainment is moving full steam ahead with production for the live action show Titans. We have already confirmed that shooting will begin this fall in Atlanta and now we also have a closer look at the character casting call sheet. The names are changed for obvious reasons, but it's not a stretch to guess... Continue Reading →

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