NEW Titans Season 2 Poster!

Titans Season 2 is right around the corner and we are super excited. But you know what else is great? A new Titans Season 2 poster. We love the design and all the characters that are featured here. We can see Robin/Dick Grayson, Starfire/Kory Anders, Raven/Rachel Roth, and Beast Boy/Garfield Logan, adjacent heroes Robin/Jason Todd,... Continue Reading →

Titans Season 2 Trailer

Hey everyone! After its reveal at Comic Con, the trailer for the second season of Titans was pushed due to a death on set. However, it has finally been released! Check it out below! Hmm. Interesting that they are calling it Titans 2.0? We're curious how this season's going to play out, but it... Continue Reading →

Titans Season 2 Date and Teaser Images

Last night was an exciting time for DC and Marvel fans alike, with tons of information for future projects revealed. During the DC Universe panel, a teaser trailer for the second season of Titans was released for those of us who went to Comic Con. For those who didn't, two out of focus screenshots will... Continue Reading →

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