Titans Season 2 Trailer

Hey everyone! After its reveal at Comic Con, the trailer for the second season of Titans was pushed due to a death on set. However, it has finally been released! Check it out below! https://youtu.be/oLmDgzFwLiA Hmm. Interesting that they are calling it Titans 2.0? We're curious how this season's going to play out, but it... Continue Reading →

Titans Donna’s Suit Revealed

Hey everyone! So yesterday, we got our first look at Conor Leslie's Donna Troy for season 2 of Titans. Check it out! Looks pretty cool to us! It's interesting that they are going with the red suit instead of the black suit she often wears, but maybe their leading up to Troia. That would be... Continue Reading →

DC Daily News

Hey everyone! Yesterday was the first ever livestream for DC Daily and we received a lot of news from Kevin Smith and the guys at DC Universe. First off, we learned when the DC Universe Launch is... It's September 15th, which is also Batman Day for those unaware! We also found out when Titans will... Continue Reading →

New Robin Image

Hey everyone! Along with the string of DC Universe news came a full image of Brenton Thwaites' Robin in Titans. Check it out below! Looks pretty neat! What do you guys think? Tell us in the comments below. Until next time... ~Rek ~Seppin

DC Shows News

Hey everyone! There was a breakthrough of news about the upcoming DC streaming service (DC Universe), so hold onto your seats. Firstly, we received a lot of logos for the shows being released. Titans Amazing! Can't wait! Young Justice: Outsiders Seppin is excited. Harley Quinn Can't Wait. And finally, the biggest head turner... Swamp Thing... Continue Reading →

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