Aladdin Teaser

Well, Disney has finally dropped a decent look at the new Aladdin movie and...well, we'll post our reaction at the end. Ummm... In all fairness, the city of Agrabah looks great, the colors seem bright and sharp, but some of the Seppin is actually okay with Will Smith's look, so there's that. Was... Continue Reading →

Bright Netflix trailer

The first Bright trailer has finally come out of SDCC 2017. Bright is a netflix series by David Ayer and stars Will Smith. It is about a modern world with orcs and elves and stuff. Just check it out!   That is surprisingly super cool! What do you think?       ~Seppin ~Rek

Suicide Squad News & Clips

With a week to go until Suicide Squad is released, we are getting a ton of new info and footage. Let's try to round it all up. Mid Credit Scene We have confirmation from multiple media outlets, that there's a scene in the middle of the credits. After the credits sequence rolls (that's also called... Continue Reading →

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