Suicide Squad News & Clips


With a week to go until Suicide Squad is released, we are getting a ton of new info and footage. Let’s try to round it all up.

Mid Credit Scene

We have confirmation from multiple media outlets, that there’s a scene in the middle of the credits. After the credits sequence rolls (that’s also called the “bumper,” the part before the plain black-and-white names and characters part rolls), using the same stylized hyper-colored imagery they’ve used in the posters and character art, there’s one more scene waiting for you on the other side. It’s pivotal and important, too.

What could it be?

Seppin hopes for The Killing Joke or the Joker beating Jason Todd and Rek concurs.

Will Smith on Jimmy Fallon

We love this clip of Will Smith being a fanboy over Batman

New ‘Mind Games’ Clip

New T.V. Ad


We’re excited!





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