Welcome to SeppinRek Entertainment!

We are excited to not only welcome you to our website, but to introduce you to the start of our journey. We plan to not only show our insight on the latest comics, games, and movies, but we also want to chronicle our path to (hopefully) a glorious introduction into the entertainment industry. We are not qualified as far as degrees or snotty wannabe reporters. We are young, creative brothers attempting to break into this highly competitive business.

Our goal is far-reaching, but we want to become on par with the great comic gods(DC and Marvel). We know that we may sound like unprofessional businessmen. We have no qualifications to even dream about these goals at the moment, but that was how this started, the dreams of young boys parlaying into young adulthood. Our dreams of original characters are as convoluted as Grant Morrison’s whole career and we can’t wait to bring them alive for the world to see and enjoy.

We may be brothers, but we have different opinions, and we will have no problems sharing them with you. The explosion of superhero movies and the new found interest in this genre has prompted us to follow our dreams. This is an exciting time for comic book enthusiasts and for all that enjoy the concept of superheroes. I mean think about it, we are at an amazing time where older stories that our parents, and even grandparents loved as kids, are being told on the big screen. We are getting eight comic book movies in the year 2016. A decade ago we were lucky to get one movie a year based on comics.

We can’t wait to share our experiences with you. Keep an eye out for us. We are SeppinRek.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to SeppinRek Entertainment!

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  1. Awesome look forward to be able to enjoy your experiences and learn alot from you both! Gratulations on your new adventure!!


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