Seppin’s Trailer Shot-by-Shot Review: Batman vs Superman Official Trailer

Hey everyone, it’s Seppin here to review the Batman versus Superman Official trailer. I figured that this would be the best way to start off the website due to it’s popularity and because I think it is awesome. This is the main trailer for a new DC movie. It will be an incredible leap off of Man of Steel, but the trailer shows the quality to be on par with the Nolan Universe.

Wow, that was the most amazing thing ever,,, Now for the shot by shot.


Here we can see Holly Hunter playing Senator Finch. She seems to be addressing the destruction of Metropolis as “the incident”. She also believes it is all Superman’s fault.



We can see the big argument unfold outside where many people see him as a dangerous threat. Superman seems a little disappointed about how the people are acting towards him. He is supposed to be a symbol of hope, but it seems many of the bystanders don’t want him on Earth.


We now get to see the Full superman suit for this movie. It looks like Superman suit from the comics. We also see many people turn to see him, because he is Superman. We’ve seen that Henry Cavill face before; he always has that look on when he is addressing the military or government. This may be kind of a reference to the Dark Knight Returns because in that, we read how the have tried to keep Superman under wraps, but everyone knows that he is the big guns for America. Superman lets this happen because of what he stands for. He wants to help the people of America, so the government uses that to their advantage. Their own nuclear deterrent.


We can see Bruce Wayne running towards the Wayne Tower during the time when Metropolis was terraforming during the Superman/Zod battle.. We can tell by the way the lasers cut through the tower that it was from Zod in Man of Steel. We can also see Bruce running to get as many people out of there as possible. Including a little girl. Could this be a young Carrie Kelly? Odds are that it was just a daughter of one of Bruce’s workers.


Here we can assume that is Bruce Wayne going to a long forgotten Wayne Mansion. Maybe one that he left after being the vigilante known as “Batman”?


It is safe to say that this is Bruce’s fancy Apartment. Which is oddly on the same grounds as Wayne Manor.


We see that Bruce gets a note exclaiming that he let his family die. This is a reference to why Bruce became Batman, this is also one of Bruce’s most touchy subjects. So who would send this to get on Bruce’s nerves… Jason Todd. The second Robin, the Robin that died and was brought back to life. You may ask why Bruce’s Robin would send this to him. That is because the Joker killed Jason, and Jason is mad because Bruce didn’t get revenge on him. So Jason is coming back to take Bruce on an emotional road to try and bring him down to the point of murdering the Joker. I am a huge Red Hood fan, so this was great to see. It also opens the possibility for an Under the Red Hood story. We also get to see this amazing face on Ben Affleck

IMG_0409 IMG_0408

We can see that Bruce has come down to the Batcave; he even opened up the display case for the Bat suit. He is definitely considering going back into the field.

IMG_0412 IMG_0410

We see a Gotham patrol find a man tied up with a Bata rang lodged to the wall beside him. He seems to be just a regular street thug. I’m curious however to the other picture with the bats swarming out. Is this when Bruce fell into the Batcave when he was young, or is he terrorizing some gang members.


Hey look it’s Super… I mean Clark Kent. I kind of hoped that they would have done something different than the old glasses fools everyone trick. But if he is a little less depressing than Man of Steel, then I can’t wait to see what he does. Clark Kent V Batman 2016? No, it seems that he just realized that other heroes and vigilantes exist. But the myth of the Batman, Perry White isn’t taking a chance on his new guy for it. Perry probably wants Kent to do some more on Superman.


We now see Superman talking to Lois, probably looking for hope after his talk with the government.


We can tell that they are making Superman a Jesus like figure in the way that he provides hope for others when it is difficult to have. He has become a symbol to the world.


We continue this trend in these pictures where it seems Superman saves someone from a burning building. The crowd of people seem to be from a festival for the day of the dead.

IMG_0420 IMG_0419

Now this is interesting. It looks like a nuclear warhead that Superman stops from launching possible at America. Maybe in Corto Maltese. This seems similar to the Dark Knight Returns, where Superman stops a nuke. But he ends up blowing it above the United States causing a national EMP. Though it seems unlikely it could be a reason for Batman to fight Superman, and weaken Superman so Batman can fight him.IMG_0422 IMG_0421

We can see Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor; he seems similar to the early Lex Luthor. And why is Superman bowing to Lex? Well maybe Lex is wearing a kryptonite ring to harm Superman.


Rumors are that General Zods body will be used by Lex to make Doomsday, who is as strong, if not stronger than Superman. He even is known as the one that killed Superman. Could this lead to a Death of Superman for Man of Steel Two. Or will he be the big bad guy at the end of the movie, who knows.IMG_0424

We can now see another reference to Jason Todd. This is obviously Jason’s Robin suit after the Joker killed him. This could lead to an Under the Red Hood story for the Batman movie. For those that don’t know Bruce keeps Jason’s suit on display to remind him that not everyone is cut out for this job. I’m not so sure about the staff, because I thought that Tim Drake used that more


We finally get to see what Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince will appear as. She seems to have gone to Mansworld from Themyscira. Maybe she wants to help out the people against the Superman threat or she will be like the New 52 and fall in love with Superman. That however I doubt because of the photos we got with her dancing with Bruce Wayne.


We see Superman and his government provided SWAT team with him again.


I love to see that Frank Miller Bat signal. We also get to see the full armored Batsuit for when he battles Superman. He is probably signaling Superman for them to fight.


We get a quick look at someone diving into the ocean with some chains. If you look closely at the figure in the bottom left you can see what looks like Jason Momoa’s Aquaman being held at the bottom of the ocean. How is Aquaman being held? Even in the ocean, where he is most powerful. It could be a piece of Kryptonite, but that definitely looks like a man down there.


We get another quick shot at a group of people riding horses in a field. This is possibly Wonder Woman’s home, Themyscira and those are Amazons.


Oh, yay. Another Origin for Batman. No offense, but I have gotten tired of seeing Martha and Thomas Wayne getting shot. Unless they are going with the Earth One origin where Bruce is arrogant and runs out to bump into the thug. But I am expecting the Batman Year One version because of Frank Miller. Which I think was done perfectly in the Gotham TV show. We see his parent’s grave where Bruce will make his promise for vengeance and justice on the criminals in Gotham.


We see that Batwing again flying over lots of destruction. Possibly from Doomsday causing Batman and Superman to put aside their differences to stop the destruction.


I’m very curious about this picture, because it seems that Lois Lane is surprised because she knows that Clark Kent is Superman. So why is she so afraid or surprised because maybe Doomsday has made his way to Superman.


Where is Bruce Wayne in this picture? My guess is that he is in Wayne Enterprises. He might be coming back from retirement to start up the company again.


We get to see Gal Gadot in her Wonder Woman and they are trying to show off her power by destroying a whole area with her bracelets. We can see her shield and sword on her back.


We can see Batman possibly going undercover in Superman’s government provided base. We can see an epic fight when they discover he is there. I hope that isn’t Batman with the gun because that is his number one rule. But it seems somehow they were able to capture the Batman.


This part where Batman is taking on many people just looks awesome. We also get to see the Batmobile again rolling around.


This is clearly the Earth One Alfred because of his rumored military background, but what gives it away the most is the mention of their mission. Alfred eventually agrees with Bruce’s mission and joins him. Even the suit that Alfred is wearing is similar to what he wore in batman Earth One. He mentions that someone is not their enemy, so is that Superman or is Batman looking into Lex?


Here we get to see some Kryptonite with Lex; will he get kryptonite poisoning and lose his hair. Is he going to use this against Superman or make Metallo from the early rumors in the movie.


Here we can see that there has been an incident in Lexcorp; possibly Doomsday crashing out of the labs. That would explain all of the bullets on the ground. But the biggest question is why did they shoot that basketball on the ground there to the right.


Here we can see an amazing fight breaking out, but the first thing that you will notice is that someone is fighting Wonder Woman and trying to kill Batman. But why would Superman kill Batman or Wonder Woman, so this adds to my theory that it is Doomsday fighting our big three at the end.


Here we can see Superman letting go of his barriers and using all of his strength to defeat Doomsday?

IMG_0454 IMG_0453

We can see Superman walking up to the Batmobile that he probably crashed while pursuing him. This could lead to the fight, but Batman isn’t wearing his Power armor so they aren’t going to really fight yet. Anyway, you don’t just destroy the Batmobile and get away with it. That’s just not going to happen.


And we can end this with some epic music making it awesome. This trailer has to be a ten out of ten because of how amazing it is. And Zach Snyder let out how it got a standing ovation by Warner Brothers. They then gave Batffleck three solo movies. I found this cool trailer mash-up with the Deadpool trailer down below which is pretty cool.

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