Seppin’s Deadpool trailer Review and Shot by Shot




Welcome back again! Today I am going to talk about the new Deadpool trailer and break it down for you. Let’s start off by explaining who Deadpool is and why the making of this Marvel character is pretty cool. Wade Wilson, a.k.a. Deadpool is the Merc with a mouth. He is a foul mouth mercenary with the mutant X gene. After a diagnosis of Cancer, he resorted to travelling to Canada to participate in an experiment.

The weapon X project is designed to give him the ability to regenerate and his cells will heal themselves. Basically that makes him virtually unstoppable. The experiment does have its side effects and he goes insane afterwards. He is one of the only characters that has successfully broken through the fourth wall, meaning that he addresses the reader. The off the books goverment officials that heads the project tried to get him on board, but Deadpool answers to no one.

Let’s take a look at the trailer!

*Warning* This trailer is the red band version. It is intended for ages 17 and up.


The start of the trailer shows Wade Wilson with his girlfriend Vanessa Carlysle. He has just been told of his cancer diagnosis. We’ll get to more on Vanessa in a bit.



IMG_0520  IMG_0522IMG_0521

Here we can see in these shots Wade Wilson feeling pretty low and then a mysterious stranger comes into the scene to make him a life changing offer.


IMG_0524 IMG_0526IMG_0525

These are the shots from the weapon X program. The guy I want to point out is in the first shot on the left. We see a guard holding a man by a neck restrainer. This could possibly be one of Deadpool’s minor characters that was also in the program. This guy is so low level that his name is escaping me right now. We are also shown a shadow of the Deadpool suit. In the trailer the voiceover calls him a superhero which is pretty hilarious. Deadpool is not a superhero. He is an anti-hero at best.



I just want to point out the Green Lantern reference. We all know that Ryan Reynolds portrayed the failed Green Lantern and he hated the green suit, so this kinda funny.



Here we can see the testing that they put him through to see if he would indeed survive the program.


This is our first look at the scientist that performs Deadpool’s operation. His name is Ajax and he will become the main villain later in the movie.

IMG_0533 IMG_0534

These next few shots are actually the original animated test shots that they used when they brought forth the Deadpool movie to the studios. It’s classic Deadpool. He’s sitting on the Freeway, drawing with big crayons, and waiting for his target.

IMG_0535 IMG_0536 IMG_0537 IMG_0539

We can see our first glimpses of epic Deadpool fighting which looks awesome. We can also take note of his regeneration factor as well.




This shot is really cool! Yes, this is why the movie is Rated R. The blood splattered walls and dead bodies by his feet are obviously an indication of a battle. I’m guessing it is going to be fairly graphic.



We can see Deadpool wield his swords here!


Our first glimpse of Angel Dust! She is a random outcast mutant living on the streets. I believe she is holding Weasel, who is Deadpool’s best friend. My suspicion is that’s Ajax in the right hand corner.


IMG_0543 IMG_0544

We get our first look at a CGI Colossus. It’s a really great representation because they got his size right for once. The young girl is Mega Sonic Teenage Warhead. She is technically Colossus sidekick and he, of course, is part of the X-men.




Quick look at Deadpool’s landlord. She is blind and old, which I’m sure will give us some humor.


We can see here that his cancer has grown all over his body, including his face, and he is talking with his best buddy Weasel. Great Back and forth.




I believe that this is the most important scene from the trailer. Here we see Deadpool fighting Ajax, but if you look in the canister at the far left, you will notice Vanessa Carlysle taking part in the weapon X project. Vanessa turns into the character Domino, who was Deadpool’s originally girlfriend. I’m guessing he’s not happy about this, but Domino does turn into a mutant with enhanced reflexes and she is also an expert marksman.


IMG_0549IMG_0550 IMG_0551

Finally, we see Deadpool in action again. He shoots 3 guys in the head with the same bullet. I’m sorry, but that is amazing! Lastly, we have our first look at Deadpool, close up, and breaking down that fourth wall. His suit looks extremely accurate, almost like it jumped off the comic pages and latched itself right onto Ryan Reynolds.


I can’t wait for what could possibly be the most hilarious and graphic comic book movie. This is not for kids and I’m happy that they didn’t cater or bow down to pressure so that they could appeal to the masses. Deadpool swears, kills and is involved with explicit activity.


Thanks for reading!

~ Seppin

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