Seppin’s Suicide Squad Teaser Review and Shot by Shot

Welcome back! Today I’ll be doing an in depth shot by shot analysis of the Suicide Squad teaser trailer. Let’s start with a little back history for those that are not aware of just exactly who the Suicide Squad is and why they’re actually fairly popular in the DC universe.

The Suicide Squad or Task Force X was created by Amanda Waller who is the head of A.R.G.U.S. which is a secret government agency that stands for Advanced Research Group Uniting Super-humans. Basically Amanda Waller is a bad ass (She even intimidates Batman) who assembles a group of super criminals that she uses to carry out insane missions to her advantage. She controls these super criminals by placing a bomb in the back of their neck so if they try to escape she essentially will blow their heads off.

Watch the trailer here and we’ll go over key points. Keep in mind this trailer when it debuted at Comic Con practically stole the entire show and sent the Twitter universe on fire!


Here we get our first shot of Amanda Waller played by Viola Davis. She is discussing the formation of Task Force X with a couple General’s of the U.S. Government. She mentions Belle Rev which is a special prison designed to house super criminals with special abilities and who also need to be locked away from the outside world. Amanda Waller is not to be trifled with and she will use any and all means to succeed in her mission, no matter the cost or how many lives are lost.


This is our first look at Belle Rev prison. It looks like  a regular prison, only darker and with more security.


Our suspicions is that this is General Eiling. He is ‘The General’ in DC comics and he really hates Superman which we hear Waller mention when she describes the onslaught of super villains that seem to be popping up since Superman’s arrival onto Earth.


This looks to be the origin of Enchantress. June Moone goes exploring into a very creepy cave and encounters a dark demon that gives her knowledge to cast spells.


Here we get our first look at Margo Robie’s Harley Quinn. Notice that she is in a cage within a cage. That’s how crazy this chick is and let’s not be remiss at noticing the number of guards that band together to approach her.

Harley Quinn is the Joker’s on/off girlfriend and we’ll get to more on her a little later.


This the character El Diablo, he is a minor character and his weapon of choice is using pyrokinesis.


Will Smith enters our next frame and he is playing the character ‘Deadshot’. Deadshot is an expert marksman and he never misses his target. It looks like he is trying to keep in shape while he is in Belle Rev.


Here we have ‘Killer Croc’ being rolled into the prison, tied up and muzzled. He is most notably a villain of Batman. There are two different versions of Killer Croc. The first version is where he is a giant crocodile man and the second is when he is more of a monster that has scales and shark teeth. Having monster Croc shown, in my opinion, leads me to think this is more of the Batman Earth One version.


Look at that Eyeball! It’s probably just a mask, but it’s funny. The background looks like a prison, but I’m guessing it maybe Arkham Asylum, which could indicate that the lunatics will run the asylum for their leader, you guessed it, the Joker.


Here we are shown a little more of Deadshot’s origin a.k.a. Floyd Lawton. Before he became a mercenary, Floyd was a loving father for his daughter, but that all changed when he couldn’t provide for his family and he turned to using his military training to become an assassin for hire. We have to note that everything he does is for his daughter and that’s an intricate part of his story.


Could it be that we are getting a Harley Quinn origin story? Yes, that’s what it looks like and boy is it dark and it also looks to be when the lunatics take over the asylum which makes sense. Harley Quinn a.k.a. Dr. Harleen Quinzel was the Joker’s therapist in Arkham and she was fascinated by him. He in turn abused her and tortured her into becoming more insane than she already was.


This guy could just be a Arkham resident, which is most likely, but I think he is Victor Zsasz. Victor is an insane criminal that kills women and then marks the count on his body with permanent scars. He is the perfect henchmen for Joker.


Cool shot of Deadshot’s wrist guns!


Okay, anyone who is bathing in a tub of black blood has to be a little nutty. I think this is when June Moone truly becomes Enchantress.


First shot of the whole squad walking down the street. Very cool looking, but I want to put out that Enchantress is not with them. Why is this important? I think Enchantress isn’t in the squad because I think she may be the target for them to capture or kill. It would also be an interesting way to prepare for a Justice League Dark movie.


Here is a shot at Rick Flag. He is the government assigned leader, but really Deadshot is the man in charge. I want to point out the man on the left which is Scott Eastwood. What’s he doing in this project? So far there has been no confirmation of his role, but there has been some speculation around that he is Dick Grayson.

For those that have been living under a rock, Dick Grayson was Robin and then he became Nightwing. Recently he has been executed, but it turns out Batman kept him alive and sent him undercover to spy on Task Force x and Amanda Waller.

This is a amazing theory because if the rumors are true that Batman is the one that puts all these guys away then there is no way that he would trust Amanda Waller with control over all these super power beings. This would also set up for a Batman movie that will feature the Bat family.


Another cool shot of the squad…again, no Enchantress!


Notice that Deadshot is leading an A.R.G.U.S. squad here and not the Suicide Squad.


Well, who do we have here? I think this is Dr. Quinzel and Rick Flag, but it’s hard to tell because they’ve never had any mention of a romance between the two of them.


I think this is Harley Quinn doing a little lap dance for Joker, before Batman caught them.


What happened to that city? Could it be the Joker’s handiwork or the aftermath of a Suicide Squad mission?


Awesome shot of Harley using a bat as a shot gun. I also want to point out that she is using a ‘BAT’. Recently in the comics she has been using a bat as a weapon instead of her usual giant hammer.


Okay, we have a giant panda and a man dressed like Batman. Obviously this is not Batman because he has a gun. Is this part of the Arkham takeover? Or is this the usual Joker’s antics?


Let’s point out this quick shot. Why is Waller sending in more men? Has the Suicide Squad gone rogue? Also note out first look at Katana, swinging her sword through the smoke.


This is the most important one of all. Our first look at Joker and his suit. Blink and you might miss him, but it’s him. Where is he? I’m thinking it’s the same place where the panda bear and faux Batman villain were firing guns and maybe robbing the place?


Here we can see where Captain Boomerang get’s caught before he joins the squad. Captain Boomerang uses, yup you guessed it, boomerangs.


Another shot of a very dark, creepy looking Enchantress. Again I hope it leads to a Justice League Dark movie.


Harleen Quinzel on a gurney looking terrified. This may be when Joker starts his torture and it get’s pretty dark, but she secretly enjoys it so don’t feel too sorry for her.


Katana! She sheathing her sword, probably talking to her husband. You see her sword carries his soul and she seeks guidance from him.


Harley and Joker together in the awesome purple Joker mobile, but the Dark Knight has no intention of letting them enjoy this ride.


Batman on the roof of Joker’s car. Need we say more?


Here we can see El Diablo using his pyrokinesis. It looks like it’s in a cave, but we don’t know just yet.


Now this shot is really interesting. These guys both look like they fight for the same cause, but the one on the left shoots the one on the right and kills him before he continues walking away. Why does he do this? I don’t have an answer just yet.


Here we have the only shot of Slipknot. I’m betting he’s the first one who’s head get’s blown off. He is a minor character and it would be cool to see the power of the chip implant implode as he tried to escape.


I’m curious about this frame because it looked like a prisoner is being held in water. I think it could be Killer Croc, but after reviewing the El Diablo picture, I think it may be El Diablo and I think they’re breaking them out of Belle Rev.


Here is another shot of Harley and she is blowing her bubble gum. Kinda funny, kinda cool, just like the comics. She looks a little beat up which makes sense if it’s after a mission or just after an encounter with her abusive boyfriend joker or as she calls him Mr.J.


And here we go…


This is our first good look at the Joker and he doesn’t disappoint. it’s pretty insane. The question is what is he holding? Some people are saying it’s a jump rope, but it looks like an electrical wire so that he can electrocute Harleen Quinzel.


Oh look another cool picture of the squad and guess who I can’t find in it? Enchantress.


“I’m not gonna kill you. I’m just going to hurt you. Really. Really Bad.

Brilliant. Amazing, but we can see in this shot the Joker’s teeth have been knocked out. In case you don’t know, Batman knocked the Joker’s teeth out when he killed Batman’s second Robin, the incredible and my personal favorite, Jason Todd.


Cool Logo. I also want to point out the director David Ayers had the courage say Suicide in the name instead of cheaping out with Task Force X.

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