SeppinRek’s Top Five: Anti-Heroes

Hey Everyone, we are back for another Top Five Tuesday. This week we will be talking about our favorite Anti-heroes in DC and Marvel comics. Remember that these our own opinions. So let’s get started.

5. Deathstroke



Seppin: Slade Wilson is a mercenary for hire, so obviously he can be really bad, but also occasionally good. He was injected with a super serum that increased his strength, speed, agility…the basics. He is known as the most deadly assassin in the whole DC Universe. Plus, I enjoy when he is really old. He has a lot of different origins, but none of them seem to stick.


Rek: He’s wicked with a sword, other than that, I got nothing. I’m not sure if he deserves to be number five.


4. The Punisher



Seppin: Yay, the Punisher again…on yet another list. Frank Castle kills anyone who does anything against the law or who is morally corrupt. It’s interesting to note that he does not get along with the Avengers. He feels that they are vigilantes and I also want to add one more thing. He has killed everyone in the Marvel Universe. There is a whole comic dedicated to his murderous rage against the superheros. It’s an alternate universe, but it’s still pretty awesome.


Rek: Frank Castle definitely deserves a spot. He takes out the bad and his goals align with the good here and there. He’s also a really dark Badass character.



3. Magneto



Seppin: Magneto pushes the limits of being an anti-hero I’ll admit, but he’s just trying to create a better world for his people. I really like Michael Fassbender’s portrayal of Magneto. He’s perfect for the role and brings a whole new dimension to the character.


Rek: He’s definitely one of my favorite anti-heroes. Michael Fassbender has done a great job and I look forward to seeing him in more movies.


2. Wolverine



Seppin: Oh yeah, the Wolverine. Probably the best Marvel anti-hero. I like what they have done very recently with his death. It’s pretty epic. It really screams out the samurai soldier. It was not a mistake that I used the old man Logan picture because I’m hyped that the next movie is going to portray the character well advanced in his years. It’s an alternate future where Wolverine killed all the X-Men because Mysterio made him think they were all villains. He decided to retire in California and his actions caused chaos, making the world crap.

*Side note: It’s a shame that they won’t have blind Hawkeye


Rek: The supreme superhero of Fox movies. I’m curious to see how the old man Logan movie will turn out and I’m also curious how any future X-Men movie will do without Hugh Jackman.


1.Red Hood (Jason Todd)



Seppin: My boy Jason Todd. The number one spot. Sorry to anyone that disagrees, but you’re wrong. It’s no secret that I love Jason Todd and he is my favorite DC character. The whole story of a Robin gone bad is just awesome.

*Under The Red Hood Movie…please???? Pretty Please???


Rek: Red hood is definitely one of the best characters ever created, but Seppin is certainty blinded by his favoritism for Batman and the Red Hood. I’m nominating Rhino ( Spiderman villain). I’m totally kidding by the way. I nominate Deadpool.


Seppin: That is a foolish decision Rek. Deadpool is nowhere near the boy that Jason was when he died. How dare you disagree with Jason, Rek?!


Until next week where we will be dissecting the top five secret agents.

~ Seppin




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