Tuesday Top Five : Greatest Secret Agents



Hey everyone, our top five Tuesday this week is going to focus on the best secret agents in comics, literature, and games. These are our opinions and if you have anyone to add please feel free to comment.


5. Jason Bourne


Seppin: Jason Bourne is a super cool American secret agent. Matt Damon does an excellent job portraying him in the films and we are looking forward to his return with the original director.

Rek: I think Jason Bourne deserves a little more credit, but then again I don’t know who I would exchange for Jason Bourne on this list.



4. Agent 47- Hitman


Rek:  Agent 47 has to be number 4 and I will vehemently express my opinion on this choice. Agent 47 is a stereotypical gun for hire who is more or less experimented on to become a secret agent. This guy is the master of disguises…that’s a joke by the way. The fact that he can take out a whole entire mansion full of guards, blow up buildings and still not be seen is pretty awesome. Plus his two highly modified pistols in the game make him a lot of fun to play.

Seppin: I vigorously disagree. I think the character is very unorthodox and just not that interesting. The movie sucked and there is no story.

Rek:  There is a story. Shut up, Seppin. It just may not be the greatest story.



3. Black Widow


Seppin: Dannggg… she’s awesome. Black Widow has a pretty cool origin story. She was brought up to be an assassin in the red room (Russia training center) and she’s played by Scarlett Johannsen. She always gets the information and she is also one of the best in the Marvel Universe at hand to hand combat.

Rek: Black Widow definitely deserves spot number three for being an overall badass and strong female character.



2. Agent Grayson


Seppin: This was not a tough decision. When you have a member of the Bat family as a secret agent…it’s a done deal. Especially considering the fact Agent Grayson is better than his role as Nightwing.

*Origin: Basically Nightwing gets publicly unmasked on television by the crime syndicate and then he fakes his death. He starts working for Spyral, where former Batwomen Kathy Kane works. It is a secret counter terrorism organization. Let’s just mention that it would be super awesome if Scott Eastwood was playing this role in Suicide Squad.

Rek: Richard Grayson has to be one of my favorite characters. I can’t wait to see him portrayed accurately in the movies and the new t.v. show, Titans.


1. James Bond

Daniel Craig - New James Bond movie Casino Royale

Rek: James Bond defines the word secret agent or spy. He has to be one of the greatest characters ever written. If you haven’t seen or heard of James Bond then you must be living under a rock. He deserves to be in the number one spot for being the ultimate secret agent.

Seppin: I say he deserves to be in first place simply because of his exploding pens and various gadgets. He is the definitive archetype for any spy. he’s also super smooth and he always drives killer cars.


Honorable Mention: Nick Fury Sr.



All we want to say is Nick Fury Sr. is the man on the wall. He takes out more world ending threats than the Avengers and he is ten times better than Nick Jr.


That’s all for now folks. Next week for our Tuesday Top Five we will list our favorite Magic wielding characters.





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