Wrecking Rek Wednesday

Reking Rek

Welcome to our new segment called Wrecking Rek. The goal of this article and review is to show you the comics that you really don’t want to read. Unfortunately, I get this job because Seppin feels that I am not up to date on comics and he wants to torture me for his own personal enjoyment.

My agony equals his and your entertainment I guess.

Shall we start with our first amazing comic called, ‘Eminem- The Punisher’.

Yes, there really is a comic book featuring the Detroit rapper with the Punisher.




The basic premise of this comic is that a bounty hunter named Barracuda is after Eminem. Punisher is the only one trying to stop this hit from happening. Eminem does not know that Punisher is trying to save him, so he joins forces with Barracuda. Then the comic fades out as Punisher gets five rounds in the chest from Eminem and all of a sudden we’re in…wait for it… a boat on the bay.

Eminem does finds out the truth and Barracuda attempts to kill him.

maxresdefault (1)

Yup, that really happened.

Frank Castle tries to fight Barracuda while Eminem is running on the ice. You know the water that surrounds the boat they are on is actually frozen.

Eminem then runs into a fan and gets a CHAINSAW-Shaking head- Yes, there is a random Eminem fan ice fishing with a chainsaw.


He goes back to the boat and uses the chainsaw to kill Barracuda.

To top it off, Frank Castle leaves him on a tiny piece of ice, and he drives off on the boat back to shore.


That’s the book.


I want to thank Seppin, my twin brother, for wasting fifteen-twenty minutes of my life.



Rek’s Scale

3*** out of ten.

Writer: Fred Van Lente

Thank you Fred. I’m not sure how I ever lived before reading this masterpiece.




Seppin’s Comic Book Recommendation:

Batman Europa, issue 1


Seppin’s Scale

7.6 out of 10.

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