Top Five Tuesday: Greatest Comic Book Movies


It’s time for our popular post, Top Five Tuesday. Today we are going to be ranking the greatest comic book movies ever made. These are just from our humble prospective, so if you have a favorite please reply in the comments!

And here we go…

5. Captain America: The Winter Soldier


This was actually a really good movie, especially for a Captain America movie…who expected that? The Russo brothers wrote and directed this film and they did a fantastic job. We hope they continue the same vibe in Cap 3 and The Avengers:Infinity War Part 1 & 2.

4. The Avengers


Obviously this is on our list. It was the first assembled comic book character movie that really set the bar high for any comic book based movie after it was released.

3. X-Men Days of Future Past


This may come as a surprise to any comic book fan because not many fans really like what they did with it or how they changed the story. We here at SeppinRek really enjoyed this film and we are now looking forward to more movies made by Fox.

2. The Dark Knight


I know, you were expecting this to be number one, but there is a simple reason that this amazing film didn’t qualify. Basically The Dark Knight really isn’t a comic book movie. Yes, we have Batman, the Joker, Gordon, and Harvey Dent, but the story was based off of Christopher Nolan and his brother’s interpretation of Batman.

Still, it was very well-acted and Health Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker was amazing.

1. Watchmen


Okay, let us explain before you rant and rave at us. Watchmen made our number one because it was word for word accurate of the graphic novel and the first scene completely cements the deal.

There is a reason why it is a best-selling novel. It is very adult and of excellent quality…and everyone loves Rorschach. Zack Snyder did a fantastic job recreating this on film and we are hoping he keeps the same mojo for Batman v Superman.


Honorable Mentions

Batman Begins


Man of Steel


The Wolverine


Check our list next week for top five Marvel Comic events.





*This truly deserves an honorable mention*~Rek

Fantastic Four 1994


Check out the trailer below!


Seppin: Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!



5 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Greatest Comic Book Movies

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  1. I have a few questions. Where’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Big Hero 6, and Age of Ultron. I’m happy about the list especially 5 & 4, I just wish for those 3. Did you enjoy them?


    1. I liked Guardians of the Galaxy,it was really unique, but it just didn’t make the top five. Guardians probably should have been put in as a honorable mention though. I didn’t enjoy Big Hero 6 much and it was also a failure in the comics. Age of Ultron didn’t make the top five because I didn’t think it deserved to be in the top five, plain and simple. It deviated so much from the comics that it somewhat soured me towards the movie. I did like the new characters a lot though. Scarlett Witch and Vision were great to see on the big screen. Being a big fan of The House of M it bothered me that they killed off Quicksilver so quickly.


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