Civil War Spoilers


Hey Everyone, it’s time to talk more about Captain America Civil War. Yes, as you can read above this post will contain some possibly major spoilers mainly focusing on Ant Man. So this is a warning. Do not read past this point unless you are okay with some big information.






Okay so we all remember when we first watched the Cap 3 trailer. We ended up wondering where Ant Man is… Well, wait no more, because the toys have given us the information again.


Giant Man

Yay Lego! You may look at this image and wonder why I’m showing you a child’s toy set. Well, my loyal fans, I am showing you this because if you look at the bottom of the page you can see a rather large Ant Man. You may say that it is a close up, but you can tell that it is not because of the other characters next to him. This could mean that at the airport, Ant Man, will be Captain America’s secret weapon. Scott Lang will change into GIANT MAN!!!

Giant Man2

If you look at our second image you can see just a regular Ant Man figure. Nope. Because if you look at the name on the box it says “Giant Man”. I think that this is either a really cool coincidence or we are going to see Ant Man grow, as well as, shrink. It’s funny how toys are giving us more information these days than the trailers themselves. I hope this isn’t a continuing trend because it isn’t fun getting these spoilers, but it sure is cool.

Tell us what you think about toys giving us so much information these days. Do you want to see Giant Man in Cap 3? Will it secretly be Hank Pym? I wish it was Bill Foster… RIP.



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