Rek’s New Book is Out Now!

Hey everyone! It’s been a bit busy in the lives of Seppin and Rek but today we are all happy to announce a brand new book from Rek which takes place outside of the SeppinRek universe. Today is the start of a new series which will follow the tales of Edward Davenport.

The Tenth Muse of Mytilene

Taking inspiration from both Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories and the Indiana Jones films, Rek is excited to introduce everyone to the start of a different Great Adventure!

You can read the book blurb below!

Edward Davenport is a quibbling archaeologist, often overcritical of his colleagues, who unexpectedly has a falling out with the ethical practices of his field. When his position at the scientific journal is at risk, he must venture out on an excursion with a despicable head archaeologist in order to protect his title and rediscover his passion for archaeology.

Journeying across the Aegean to the archaic island of Lesbos, Davenport struggles with his doubts concerning the uncertain future for the field and uncovers a centuries old secret that could be his saving grace or mean doom for many of the lives on the island.

Will Edward Davenport live up to the moral standards he professes in his research? Is his passion for the study more important to him than others’ private secrets?

Join Edward Davenport on his first published adventure into the ancient world!

Thank you all so much for being patient with the blog and we are thrilled with what both Seppin and Rek have in store for their next run of books.

Until next time…



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