Monday Match-Up


Welcome back to Monday Match-up. Today we are pairing up heroes and villains of Marvel and DC that are at the top of their game in hand-to-hand combat.

Let’s get ready to rumble!


Marvel-Winter Soldier


James Buchanan ‘Bucky’ Barnes was the childhood friend of Steve Rogers. Steve, of course, became Captain America. Bucky was Cap’s sidekick throughout WWII and they battled Hydra together. Bucky’s death was portrayed differently in the movies, but the comic version is that he and Cap were trying to disarm a drone headed for the states by the Redskull. Bucky kicked Cap off (That’s why he was in the ocean) and died as the drone exploded with him on the plane…

Or so we thought.

Bucky was found by Hydra and they brainwashed him into doing their nefarious deeds. Cap eventually found him and saved him.


Metal arm

Proficient in hand-to hand combat

An amazing shot, great with sniper rifles

Trained killer

He’s the ‘man on the wall’



Electric magnetic pulse so you can wipe out his arm

He’s mortal




Nightwing is the first robin, Dick Grayson. He evolved into Nightwing as he matured after a fight with Bruce. Dick went on his own to Bludhaven and took on the persona of Nightwing.



Trained by Batman



Proficient in hand-to-hand combat

Escrima sticks



He’s not a superhuman





Rek: I’m choosing Nightwing. His escrima sticks can send out an electrical charge which will render the Winter Soldiers metal arm useless.

Seppin: We’ve already seen that Winter Soldier can fight without that arm. He’s a trained assassin. That’s what makes him so different from Captain America. I’m with Winter Soldier on this one.

Rek: Well, Nightwing is a lot more nimble than Winter Soldier and he could probably get the Winter Soldier in a choke hold, like Cap did in Winter Soldier the movie, and then he’s done.

Seppin: Nightwing is weak. Terrorize a small city and Nightwing will only worry about the people not the threat. He cares too much. He’s also been subdued way more times than Winter Soldier.

Rek: While Nightwing takes care of the people, Batman will come in, and take care of the threat of Winter Soldier. Batman wins…

Seppin: This is a pitiful win. Like a boy crying for his long dead parents.

Rek: Shut up

Seppin: ‘Daddy, help’.

Winner: Winter Soldier over Nightwing except if Batman gets involved.

Seppin: *No asking for back up*



Marvel- Blob


Fred Dukes was a circus performer and he decided to be bad and do crimes once he realized he was a mutant. He’s a pretty core member of the brotherhood of evil.



His enormous size

Physical strength

Nearly invulnerable



His enormous size, not that agile





No one knows Bane’s real name. His early origin is a mystery. He’s a mercenary who was sent to kill Batman. Bane is very smart. He found out Batman’s identity and attacked. He broke Batman’s back and he left him to die. Batman came back and forced him to take too much venom which caused Bane to forget everything.



Immense strength


He’s a Luchador…he fights to survive



Too much venom




Seppin: Bane’s going to punch a hole through that Blob, mate.

Rek: Good Luck. Blob would suffocate Bane under his sheer mass.

Seppin: Not without hurting himself.

Rek: He can take a few punches.

Seppin: He can take a couple punches to the head then he’s done. Bane can be larger.

Rek: Blob is huge. Whatever. Bane wins. Done.

Winner- Bane






Upcoming Week:

Tuesday-Top Five Marvel Events

Wednesday- Wrecking Rek

Thursday- Review DC’s Special event & Suicide Squad Trailer

Friday- Seppin’s starts DC






3 thoughts on “Monday Match-Up

  1. I agree with the above comment.

    Although for the last battle, it would be pretty close. Bane would still reign superior but he’d definitely have some trouble putting down Blob.


    • I’m glad you agree with our grandmother, Jeffery Pumpkin.
      Yes, Bane would have major difficulty taking on the Blob, but he’s just so much smarter that we think he would defeat him after a pretty epic battle.


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