Wrecking Rek Wednesday

Reking Rek

Welcome back to another post of pure insanity. I don’t know why anyone would want to read about terrible comics, but let’s get into one right now.



I don’t read Archie. I had no idea about any form of backstory for Archie. The comic was fast paced and filled with excitement-sarcastic tone-. It was not that good. The best part was seeing two bloody skeletons hanging from the trees by the comic’s nemesis Predator.


I understand the reason why they made this comic, but it was not necessary. I’ve lost another thirty minutes of my life to this comic.

I hope you’re happy, Seppin.

Rek’s scale

3*** out of ten.

It was well-written, but just a stupid concept.

If you have any suggestions on new ways to torture me, please feel free to comment below. I am willing to take almost any recommendation. Almost.


Seppin’s Recommends

If you want to read a good comic, may I suggest…





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