DC Dawn of The Justice League Special: Wonder Woman


We finally got our first look at the Wonder Woman movie and it did not disappoint! Watch the footage below and then we will go over it shot by shot.




Wait, is this Captain America First Avenger? It kind of has the same feel.



Here is Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and we also spy Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor behind her on a horse. We think she is guiding the soldiers into battle.



Okay, I want to point out that this is Wonder Woman walking through what looks like mustard gas. It was predominately used in WWI and it seems like it doesn’t affect her whatsoever.





Epic fight scene with these three images. Let’s also point again that this is the FIRST true female Superhero movie and Wonder Woman is kicking ass and taking names!


Oh, let me put on a hat and some glasses… Before Clark Kent donned the ridiculous guise it seems Wonder Woman does the same although she does look more like a lady and less like a warrior for her alter ego Diana Prince.


It seems like they are crossing some sort of bridge. Could they be going into enemy territory and trying to stay undetected?


Cool shot of Wonder Woman on horseback riding across a field.

Classic. Iconic.


She just looks like a Amazon warrior about to wreck someone. Love it.




Wonder Woman in action.



I think she is on Themyscira probably contemplating why they are not helping the man’s world like their supposed too.



Getting into character.




The last shots are of Wonder Woman riding into battle yet we don’t see her fighting anyone because it cuts away right before she wields her mighty sword.



Great footage. We can’t wait. We want to point out that we still haven’t heard a word spoken from Wonder Woman in this footage, nor has she been featured speaking in the Batman v Superman footage. They definitely are doing a great job in keeping her mysterious.






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