Monday Match-Up



Welcome to our Monday Match-Up. Today we are going to throw in a few characters that are not in Marvel or DC…just for fun.


Hero Match-Up




In one corner, we have Matt Murdock who is a blind lawyer. When Matt was young, he was blinded by chemicals after saving a man and it enhanced his senses. He fights crime in Hell’s Kitchen.



Uses Billy clubs

Enhanced senses




Can get distracted if he doesn’t focus his senses


Ben Affleck





Hellboy was summoned to earth from hell as an infant. He was discovered by Allied Forces and among them was Trevor Bruttenholm who was head of Paranormal Research and Defense. Basically he was trained to protect the world from dark forces.



Super human strength

Healing factor


His right hand is invulnerable

Fire proof



Cares about others

Soft flesh

Poor combat skills

Large, not particularly agile


Let’s Rumble!


Rek: Obviously Daredevil. Daredevil is more agile, smarter and can dodge bullets like Neo. He can also take a punch.

Seppin: Can he take a punch from a giant red hand?

Rek: Well if he can take a punch from Unstoppable Man, then he can take a punch from Hellboy.

Seppin: Hellboy has fought some of the biggest Demons ever. Daredevil does mainly street level stuff.

Rek: That means Daredevil knows the streets better than him. He can take him.

Seppin: Yeah, I’m giving it to Daredevil. I really can’t defend Ron Pearlman.

Winner: Daredevil



Dr. Doom




Victor Von Doom is on a quest for power. He craves and hungers for it. This is mainly for the fact that the demon known as Mephisto has his mother and it really boils down to his quest for saving his mom. Of course, the superhero community doesn’t really see it that way.



Immense talent of sorcery and science

Incredibly smart

Psychic powers

Mind control and can swap bodies

His suit increases his strength and has advanced weaponry



Very theatrical

His quest for power can lead to self-harm

He’s a mama’s boy


Darth Vader


Is it really necessary to explain Vader’s origin?

We think not.



Trained in the force

Metal arm



Highest midiclorin count…ever



The high ground…*evil laugh*


He cares about his family


Let’s Rumble!


Rek: I really want to defend Vader, but Dr. Doom is just ten times better.

Seppin: I’m all the way with Dr. Doom, mate. This is going to be a really lengthy match-up?!

Dr. Doom is just so powerful and right now he is in control of The Secret Wars.

Rek: But Vader did rule the universe.

Seppin: Doom has ruled every universe.

Rek: Adios. Doom wins.

Seppin: But if it is a fight for theatricality…Vader wins. Who else has their own theme song when they walk in a room?

Winner: Dr. Doom





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Wednesday: Wrecking Rek…it’s a good one!

Thursday: Suicide Squad Trailer shot by shot

And without a doubt, this Friday, Seppin starts DC.

It might just happen.





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