Ghostbusters Trailer Review


The new trailer for the Ghostbusters reboot was released and we are going to share our anaylsis.

Watch the trailer below and then we’ll get into it!


Initial Reaction:

Seppin: Oh…that looks terrible. What did they do to Ghostbusters?

Rek: The first Ghostbusters was good. The second one wasn’t. I don’t see why anyone would think this reboot would work…then again, it’s Sony.

Seppin: They just want to kill franchises. Spider-Man, anyone?

Rek: Robocop.

Seppin: Spectre

Rek: That’s just rude.

Seppin: I actually thought this was going to be good. I liked the idea of an whole female cast, but then I saw this trailer.




Our first character is Abby Yates, played by Melissa McCarthy. As an actress she is funny, but she always plays the same role so I’m not that surprised.

Ghost4Here is Kate Mckinnon, who is playing the engineer, Holtzmann. She could be funny, but I doubt she is going to get much praise for being amusing or for even being in this movie (which might be a good thing for her career). I don’t why I think that, but I just do.

Ghost6Kristin Wiig is playing Dr. Erin Gilbert, a physicist.

Taking on the Egon role, much?

R.I.P. Harold Ramis

Ghost7The first ghost looks to be in a library which may be a nod to the original. We do not like the computer generation. We can’t even tell what it is. We just see the color blue.

Ghost8That slime is terrible. Did they borrow some from the Nickelodeon channel? Rek thinks it looks like it was copied and pasted in the trailer.

Ghost5Leslie Johns is playing Patty Tolan, a New York subway worker.

We’re just going to say. She was the best part of the trailer and probably the whole movie.


“But it’s a Cadillac!”

Ghost11Thor!!!! Sorry, we mean, Chris Helmsworth is playing Kevin. He is the male assistant to the all women ensemble and the token eye candy.

Oh, how the Mighty have fallen…

Ghost13Shot of them all suited up and together.

Meh…it’s okay.

Ghost14Slimer is back! Obviously the best character from Ghostbusters, the original. Very well known.

Ghost16The new proton pack. We expected something a little more updated. Also why isn’t there any protection gear? You have a nuclear reactor on your back wide open!


Bad CGI. Not loving it. Also we want to point out a slight observation. Since when are the ghosts blue? And why was Slimer green???

Now, are they going to do the story line from the cartoon when Slimer becomes their best friend and assistant?


Who’s next? Casper?


Best scene of the whole trailer.

“The power of Penny compels you…”

Sorry, Penny. I’m not sure if even Penny can compel us to see this movie in the theater.

We’ll definitely rent it though.


Comments? Do you hate us for hating on this movie trailer??






There has been a new international trailer released. Although, it looks sharper, and better cut, we’re still not one hundred percent sold.

Check out the new trailer here:



Ghostbusters opens July 15, 2016.

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