New Civil War Trailer Initial Reaction: Spider-Man Debut.



Watch the link here:

Initial Reactions:

Rek: I can do this all day I liked it.

Seppin: I think it will be on par with Winter Soldier. I’m actually not that pumped after that trailer. It’s weird. It’s cool and all, but…

I liked Black Panther though.


Down came a spider: Suddenly Captain America's shield is snagged from his grasp by web-sling from above


Spider-Man Introduction & Suit Reaction

*Pictures below*

Seppin: Wooh, look at the web catching Cap’s shield. This is obviously going to be highly based off the  All New, All Different Spider-Man

Rek: Didn’t Marvel learn from DC’s faults in animating suits?

*Green Lantern Burn*

Seppin: Deadpool’s eyes were animated as well and they did an amazing job. I really loved the Amazing Spider-Man suit better. A thousand times.

Rek: It looks like some kid went to the Marvel fan store and he grabbed a suit off the rack. I liked the eyes though. That was cool.

Seppin: Liked the eyes as well. Very cool

Rek: Please, tell me they do Spider-Man correctly.

Seppin: All I am saying is he better switch sides, like in the comics or…

Rek: I’m going to Wreck Stan Lee if he doesn’t ‘turn into a turncoat’. I also want to formally reinstate Tobey McGuire.

Seppin: Don’t say that.

The big question is, will we see Captain America and Spider-Man fight? It’s one of the parts I really liked about Civil War. He also has a fight with Iron Man, but that’s probably not going to happen.

Rek: Let’s face it, none of that is going to happen. This is Captain America: Revolutionary War not Civil War.


Captain America: Civil War Trailer








We’ll have our shot by shot review this weekend.




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