Daredevil Season Two: Season Review



Well, we did it. Seppin and I binged watched Daredevil Season Two all day on Friday. It took a bit of commitment, but we were more than happy to do it.

We do want to warn you that there may be some spoilers in our quick review of each episode. It’s hard to talk about what we watched and not add our favorite parts. We did not do an in-depth analysis. These are just our key thoughts and sometimes we felt like we only needed to say a few words.

We also thought that we would rename each episode with our own title because it’s just more fun that way.


screen-shot-2016-02-15-at-111644-am-170115Episode One: ‘Bang.’

SeppinRek Episode Name: ‘Foggy Shines.’


Rek: Amazing introduction to season one.

Seppin: BANG. Definitely more Daredevil and less Batman like.


screen-shot-2016-02-15-at-111440-am-170125Episode Two: ‘Dogs to a Gunfight.’

SeppinRek Episode Name: ‘Be careful what you say around the Punisher.’

Rek: Another great episode. We also see Daredevil without his sense of hearing for a bit, making him invulnerable. Getting shot in the head by the Punisher will do that to you.

Seppin: The Punisher is a bad ass mother ……. John Bernthal is great!


marvel_daredevil_punisher_facebookEpisode Three: ‘New York’s Finest.’

SeppinRek Episode Name: ‘Hallway…stairway…’

Rek: A must watch. Interaction between Daredevil and the Punisher was amazing. Simply amazing. Wow.

Seppin: What he said. Speechless.

***** Best Episode of the Season*****


screen-shot-2016-02-15-at-111821-am-170107Episode Four: ‘Penny and Dime.’

SeppinRek Episode Name: ‘One Batch, Two Batch…’

Rek: Good episode. Frank Castle, not the Punisher, was the star.

Seppin: I like the backstory with the Punisher. Everything is starting to web out.


screen-shot-2016-02-15-at-112049-am-170100Episode Five: ‘Kinbaku.’

SeppinRek Episode Name: ‘Elektra, my ex-girlfriend.’

Rek: I liked it a lot. Good backstory and set up regarding Matt and Elektra.

Seppin: I enjoyed the backstory as well. I always love the flashbacks to Matt’s college days. I also liked Elektra.

*Side note: You may not want to Google what Kinbaku means around mixed company.

Bondage for a lack of a better term. We’ll leave it at that.*


Daredevil-Season-2-Trailer-Part-2-620x437Episode Six: ‘Regrets Only.’

SeppinRek Episode Name: ‘Not Guilty.’

Rek: I didn’t think they really needed a ‘Hand’ this season, but…

Seppin: A little James Bond like episode right here and also the unbreakable Frank Castle.


screen-shot-2016-02-15-at-111808-am-170106Episode Seven: ‘Semper Fidelis.’

SeppinRek Episode Name: ‘The Dual Lives of Matt Murdoch.’

Rek: Good episode. Daredevil fought with a lot of force which is indicative for the future.

Seppin: Foggy stepping up! He’s the man. Needed more Punisher though.


screen-shot-2016-02-15-at-111937-am-170104Episode Eight: ‘Guilty as Sin.’

SeppinRek Episode Name: ‘Return of Stick.’

Rek: Stick is back. Matt has a lot on his plate. No doubt.

Seppin: Kingpin working out and he’s got a plan. Life sucks for Matt.


screen-shot-2016-02-15-at-111551-am-170118Episode Nine: ‘Seven Minutes in Heaven.’

SeppinRek Episode Name: ‘Introducing the Real Punisher.’

Rek: That episode makes me super hyped for a possible Punisher spin off show.

Seppin: This is the Punisher.


_1433888264Episode Ten: ‘The Man in the Box.’

SeppinRek Episode Name: ‘Mr. Fisk will see you now.’

Rek: I love the interaction between Fisk and Matt. The ninjas were pretty cool as well, also, Hello Shadowlands.

Seppin: I just want more Frank Castle and to see Fisk eat that dinner every episode with the music, of course.


screen-shot-2016-02-15-at-111326-am-170128Episode Eleven: ‘.380.’

SeppinRek Episode Name: ‘Keep the Coffee Coming.’

Rek: Okay episode. Great Punisher fight.

Seppin: Epic Punisher fight in the diner.


screen-shot-2016-02-15-at-111739-am-170111Episode Twelve: ‘The Dark at the End of the Tunnel.’

SeppinRek Episode Name: ‘Holey Smokes.’

Rek: Wow, there was a ton of stuff going on in that episode.

Seppin: The Punisher is ready for the start… A bit of a problem for me though. Not enough Matt Murdoch.


NEqEa9nuNajZtw_1_bEpisode Thirteen: ‘A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen.’

SeppinRek Episode Name: ‘Loose Ends.’

Rek: I think I might prefer the first season. Daredevil’s billy clubs were amazing. Once again, Melvin is the unsung hero.

Seppin: The MICRO disk for the Punisher! Only Punisher fans will know that this is basically the Punisher’s oracle. He is so getting his own show. Happy to see my boy Luke Cage and his trailer at the very end. It’s going to be a fun. Made it worth watching the whole season just to see that at the end.


Final Thoughts:

Rek: I thought it was a great season. I was hoping for some more communication between Matt and his priest, but oh well. I have a pretty good idea where they might go with the story line next season and I think it could turn out alright IF they start including other characters like Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

Seppin: I think it was a great second season overall. Including the Punisher was a awesome move. I have a few complaints. I didn’t get to see the Luke’s bar sign like I was promised. The my only other problem was there wasn’t enough Matt Murdoch. There were too many scenes of Daredevil.





Luke Cage Teaser Trailer!

“I’m getting sick of  having to buy new clothes.”



It’s going to be a long six months.

My man, Luke Cage, getting his own show.


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