Top Five Tuesday: Comic Book Brothers


Welcome back to our top five. This week, in honor of our birthday, we are going to be listing our top five comic book brothers.

We don’t get too personal here on our blog, but for those of you that may not realize, Rek and I are brothers. Not only that but we are twin brothers. We may be identical, but we only look a little alike. We have vastly different opinions on certain subjects and we disagree quite a bit.

Sometimes we communicate wordlessly which drives people nuts and we also can go several rounds of rock, paper, scissors before there is a winner since we almost always pick the same thing.

To celebrate the spirit of brotherhood we thought we would explore some famous comic book brothers.


5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The four brothers known as The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Everyone knows their origin in which they were normal turtles until a chemical spills onto them and they go into the sewers. Then they were trained by Master Splinter, a mutant rat. They are some of the coolest heroes to ever save New York. Now they are getting a sequel to their newest film. Their stories rely heavily on family traditions and pizza.

4. Aquaman and Ocean Master

The King of Atlantis and his brother, the Ocean Master. These two are technically step-brothers, but we still consider them to be apart of the list. They have fought over the throne of Atlantis more times than we can count. They aren’t really brotherly to each other, but we still see the dynamic of them having a petty family squabble. When will Orm realize that Arthur is the king?

3. Professor Xavier and Juggernaut

Professor X and Juggernaut have some serious step-brother issues. Cain Marko ( Juggernaut) lived with his very abusive father until his father married Professor X’s mother and they moved in with a young Xavier and his mother. Juggernaut’s dad favored Charles and that drove Cain mad with jealousy. Throw in a gem later on that makes him a human juggernaut and you got all kinds of family dysfunction.

2. Thor and Loki

One of the best brotherly bonds that we have ever seen in the Marvel movies and in comics. Thor the son of Odin, King of Asgaard and Loki the son of Laufey, the king of the frost giants who kept his son hidden due to his diminutive size. Odin adopted Loki and he was raised with Thor. The dynamic between Thor and Loki is awesome. We especially love how Loki has just enough goodness to be considered an anti-hero and Thor always believes in him, even though one never knows what Loki is going to do.


  1. Bat Family-The Four Robins

Okay, Dick, Jason, Tim, and Damien are not related, but they are brothers in arms. Technically, Dick and Jason were adopted by Bruce so they are brothers in the eyes of the law, and we all know young Damien is Bruce’s natural son. Tim was a ward of the state because his parents are still alive, but he is the one viewed by Bruce as his successor to be Batman, and head of Wayne Enterprises when Tim is old enough.

The four Robins are all vastly different, but they all share one thing. They were taught by Batman and they are all different aspects of Bruce in four different young men.

Also, it’s our list and we (Seppin) are putting them at number one.







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