The Future of Supergirl


Rumors have been heating up over the fate of the CBS show, Supergirl. Back in March the president of CBS raved about all the new shows, but when it came time for renewal Supergirl was not on the list.

Now, we have heard that Supergirl may make the leap to CW Network which makes perfect sense to us, but can they afford it?

One of the main reasons that CBS might be hesitating to renew the show is because of the reported $3 million dollar budget per episode and also the hefty licensing fees that the network has to pay to Warner Bros. It is actually a very similar situation that the fan favorite show Constantine was in with NBC.

Recent reports insists that CBS is trying to get a reduced license fee so that they can make a second season happen. Meanwhile, there’s two weeks left to do it before both CBS and The CW have their upfront presentations and lock in their fall schedules on May 18 and 19, respectively.

Fans have long clamored to bring Supergirl “home” to The CW, where the series could be more thoroughly integrated into the Arrowverse. ArrowThe Flash, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow film on the CW’s Vancouver lot, but will the show lose some of its cast, like Calista Flockhart who is based in L.A.?

We actually enjoy Supergirl, although it did lose some steam the last few episodes, but we believe the CW crew could really created something great with this show if given the chance.




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